The first thing most folks will probably ask when seeing this page is “What the heck is HackFab?”. I ask myself the same thing.. it’s a shortened version of the name Hacksaw Fabworks, which I came up with after producing my first prototype part with quite literally, a hacksaw. Considering everyone is about abbreviating things these days, I decided to just call it HackFab.
I’ve been in the hobby 20+ years, as a racer, basher, crawler, blog writer, reviewer, youtuber, marketing consultant, graphic designer, web designer, social media manager, race promoter.. you name it and I’ve probably done it at some point. What I haven’t done is actually design/produce car parts.. so here we are. I’ve had many ideas over the years.. but it wasn’t until the Mini-T 2.0 came out that made me actually want to use CAD/3D printing to come up with my own parts. This mostly stems from missing the Losi 1/18 Mini Late Model that we used to run in the early 2010’s as an EDM with a Kipps Hobbies EDM body. With HackFab, I plan to help bring that class of racing back to life.
Stay tuned.