Brass Battery Brackets for HackFab conversions

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Our battery brackets starts off as 3d printed. As the product line matured, we have migrated to including aluminum brackets in all EDM, Late Model, Slingshot, and Omni kits. They all have the same footprint/mounting points. If you have aluminum mounts, you can use your current velcro strap with these brass ones (one is not included). If you are upgrading from 3d printed brackets, you will need a new velcro strap. The difference is the 3d printed mounts had the straps welded around the part and the loop is not big enough to slip off.

These new Brass battery brackets are 3x the weight of the aluminum version. This was mainly created for the oval market where we struggle to add weight (and we want it as low and as far left as possible. This allows for some tuning options. The aluminum brackets weigh roughly .15oz, where the brass ones weigh .45oz. Swapping aluminum for brass will allow you to add over half an ounce without talking up any more room on the chassis.

2x brass battery brackets
4x m2x6 stainless countersink screws

Velcro Strap (available here) or recycle the one from the kit if you have the aluminum battery brackets

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