1/12 Servo Mount for HackFab Losi Mini Conversions

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With a bigger servo, comes better reliability. We have killed countless micro servos in our Losi Mini conversions... We felt it was time to put something a little bigger in the car that can hold up a little better. These mounts are 3D printed, but have held up to thousands of laps in testing. Cramming this servo in the Losi Mini conversions (Late Model, EDM, Omni, Slingshot, No Prep) proved to be a challenge. The servo is actually mounted to the mounts from the back due to lack of space to keep the drag link in line. While unconventional, it works fine.

Servo mount set
Mounting hardware

Fits 1/12 size mini servos w/ ~42.5mm ear hole spacing such as:
Futaba S9650
Savox SV-1250MG
Savox SV-1257MG


A VERY specific short servo horn or you can make your own from a shortened stock plastic horn. We are running the Hot Racing VXS25SH06 horn (for 25T spline servos). They also make VXS24SH02 for 24T spline servos. These were originally for the Traxxas Mini E-Revo. You could also use the Traxxas 7043 part which includes a plastic horn, but it needs to be modified slightly to clear the chassis. The Hot Racing horn is our recommendation.

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