Traxxas Maxx Universal Body Mount System - PROTOTYPE

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This is the PROTOTYPE version of the final mounting system. It uses thinner 2.5mm carbon fiber with "ears" that we found to be weaker in testing than we'd like. Would be ok for shelf queens or light running (not huge jumps). They come with the revised TPU mounts (see the regular listing for more details on the TPU mounts).

Introducing a new and unique product by HackFab RC. This is a universal body mount system for the Traxxas Maxx (not the X-Maxx). One of the biggest gripes we've heard about this awesome basher is the lack of body options that support the clipless cage system of the stock truck. While it's a cool system, it leaves those who want to run a unique body, wanting something more.

Enter our system. It uses a 3D printed U-Bracket to clamp below the front and rear tower brace. The 2.5mm carbon fiber plate can be mounted facing forward or back, and can be adjusted to four positions forward or backward to work with almost any body. Likewise, the body posts can also be positioned in four different spots to support varying body post locations. This should allow virtually any 1/10-1/8 body within the Maxx's dimensions to be mounted. Note that posts are not included.

2 U-Brackets
2 Carbon Fiber plates
8x M3 Stainless Steel button head screws

Body posts of your choice
(I personally used a combination of Traxxas 6815R and Traxxas 1914R, but any standard post that uses a 3mm or 4-40 mounting screw from Traxxas, Parma, Duratrax, or CRC should work). They don't need to be very tall unless you are trying to mount an SUV type body.
Other post options:
Traxxas 6715
Traxxas 6815R
Traxxas 1914R
STRC makes some short body posts in aluminum for the Slash/Rustler (ST1914G)

Body mounted in photos is the JConcepts 2005 Chevy 1500 MT Single Cab. Part Number: 0399. It's a tad long but was able to trim the rear bumper to make it work.

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